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A candidate must be familiar with both wired and wireless networks to become an ethical hacker after the 12th. They must be familiar with a variety of operating systems, particularly Windows and Linux. They must be familiar with firewalls and file systems.An Ethical Hacker exposes software vulnerabilities in order to assist business owners in closing security gaps before a malicious hacker discovers them.

Ethical hacking is a method of identifying flaws in computer systems and networks in order to develop countermeasures to protect the flaws. An ethical hacker must obtain written permission from the owner of the computer system, protect the privacy of the organization being hacked, report all identified weaknesses in the computer system to the organization in a transparent manner, and notify hardware and software vendors of the identified weaknesses.

Students who wish to learn about coding techniques must pursue certified ethical hacker (CEH) courses.HITS Chennai, IIT, NIT, SRM University, etc are among the top colleges offering Ethical Hacking Courses.Fresher Certified Ethical Hacker salaries in India start at 3.5 LPA. The average monthly income of an ethical hacker in India is between INR 29,000 to INR 41,000.

Table of Contents

  1. Ethical Hacking Course Duration and Fees

1.1Ethical Hacking Course Fees

  1. List of Ethical Hacking courses
  2. Ethical Hacking Courses Online

3.1 Ethical Hacking Courses Online Free

  1. Ethical Hacking Courses for Beginners
  2. Ethical Hacking Courses in India

5.1 Delhi

5.2 Bangalore

5.3 Kolkata

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5.4 Mumbai

5.5 Kerala

  1. Ethical Hacking Course Syllabus
  2. Skills required for Ethical Hacking
  3. Scope of Ethical Hacking
  4. Ethical Hacking Jobs

9.1 Salary for Ethical Hacking Jobs in India

  1. Ethical Hacking Jobs by Government of India
  2. Ethical Hacking Course: FAQs

Ethical Hacking Course Duration and Fees

The duration of an ethical hacking course varies depending on the university and the medium through which candidates enrolled for the courses. The shortest time it takes to learn ethical hacking is three months, and the longest time it takes is two years. Scholars who want to do a master's degree in hacking can sometimes learn ethical hacking for more than two years. The ethical hacking courses are offered at various levels and the course fees vary between INR 20,000 –INR 5,00,000.

Ethical Hacking Course Fees

The fees for pursuing ethical hacking courses vary from one course to another based on factors such as the type of the course, duration, institutions, and the place one is pursuing the course. Here is a list of average course fees for Ethical Hacking.

Course LevelDurationAverage Course Fees
Certificate in Ethical Hacking CourseUp to a few weeksINR 87,000 - 1,45,000
Ethical Hacking Courses OnlineFew Hours - 1 yearINR 500 - 45,000
Diploma in Ethical Hacking1 - 2 yearsINR 2,500 - 50,000
Undergraduate Courses in Ethical Hacking3 - 4 yearsINR 20,000 - 3,00,000
PG Courses in Ethical Hacking2 yearsINR 50,000 - 5,00,000

List of Ethical Hacking Courses

Ethical Hacking Courses are offered in Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate programs. Here is a list of different Ethical Hacking Courses in the table below.

Course NameProvidersAverage Annual Fees
Certified Ethical HackerEC Council, GIACINR 87,000 - 1,45,000
Diploma in Cyber SecurityInternational College for Security StudiesINR 2,500 - 50,000
Diploma in Ethical Hacking and IT SecurityCryptus Cyber Security Pvt. LtdINR 15,000
Diploma in Ethical HackingEnhelionINR 3,999
Diploma in Ethical Hacking & Cyber SecurityCyber Defence Intelligence ConsultingINR 50,000
BTech Cyber SecurityNIIT UniversityINR 2,95,000
BSc NetworkingSubbalakshmi Lakshmipathy College of ScienceINR 19,750
BTech CSE (Cyber Security and Forensics)HITS ChennaiINR 2,30,000
BTech CSE (Cyber Security and Threat Intelligence)Manav Rachna UniversityINR 2,44,000
BSc in Cyber SecurityKRMU UniversityINR 3,19,000
MTech in Information SecurityJIIT NoidaINR 1,20,000
MTech CSE (Information Security)MIT ManipalINR 2,10,000
MTech CSE (Information Security and Computer Forensics)SRM UniversityINR 1,70,000
MTech Network & Information SecurityPondicherry University-
MSc in Cyber SecurityCalicut UniversityINR 6,905
MSc Cyber Security & Digital ForensicsCenturion UniversityINR 70,000

Ethical Hacking Courses Online

Ethical Hacking courses are offered online by various platforms and institutions such as Udemy, Coursera, Linkedin, Simplilearn, EC Council, and many more. The fees for Ethical Hacking Courses can be as low as INR 500 on Udemy. It can even reach up to INR 1,50,000 depending on the institutions/ platforms providing them. The table below gives the list of Ethical Hacking Courses online by various providers.

Name of the CourseProvidersCourse Fees
Certified Ethical Hacker: CEH v11EC CouncilINR 87,800
CEH v11 - Certified Ethical Hacking CourseSimplilearnINR 42,800
CEH v11 - Certified Ethical Hacking CourseBesant TechnologiesINR 23,000
Learn Ethical Hacking from ScratchUdemyINR 3,499
The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced!UdemyINR 3,499
Website Hacking / Penetration Testing & Bug Bounty HuntingUdemyINR 3,499
IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Professional CertificateCourseraFree Enrollment
Cybersecurity SpecializationCourseraFree Enrollment
Network Security - Introduction to Network SecurityEdXFree/ INR 12,868
Unlocking Information Security I: From Cryptography to Buffer OverflowsEdXFree/ INR 11,550
Ethical HackingNPTELFree

Free Ethical Hacking Courses Online

Free Ethical Hacking courses are offered by Alison, Udemy, NPTEL, Edx, Coursera, and many more. Here is a list of the 10 best Ethical Hacking Courses online for free.

Name of the CourseProvidersCourse Duration
Fundamentals of Computer HackingUdemy1 hour 50 minutes
Ethical Hacking - SQL Injection AttackUdemy1 hour
Security Analyst FundamentalsCoursera (audit)4 months, 5 hours/ week
Penetration Testing - Discovering VulnerabilitiesEdX5 weeks, 8-10 hours/ week
Ethical Hacking Full Course - Learn Ethical Hacking in 10 HoursEdureka10 hours
Ethical HackingNPTEL12 weeks
Ethical Hacking - Mobile Platforms and Network ArchitectureGreat learning2 hours
Introduction to Ethical HackingGreat learning3 hours
Free Ethical Hacking Tutorials for Beginners [Learn How to Hack]Guru99-
Learn Burp Suite, the Nr. 1 Web Hacking ToolUdemy2 hours

Ethical Hacking Courses for Beginners

Course NameProvidersCourse Fees
Learn Ethical Hacking from ScratchUdemyINR 3,499
Ethical Hacking For Beginners CourseUdemyINR 2,599
The Complete Hacking Course: Beginner To AdvancedUdemyFree
Hacking and Patching Certification by University of ColoradoCourseraFree Enrollment
Cybersecurity Certification by University of MarylandCourseraFree Enrollment
Learn Ethical Hacking OnlineLinkedIn LearningINR 2,334
Become An Ethical HackerLinkedIn LearningINR 2,334
Penetration Testing And Ethical HackingCybraryFree
Ethical Hacking Course for Beginners and ExpertsPluralsightINR 2,257
Ethical Hacking for BeginnersUdemyINR 1,299

Ethical Hacking Courses in India

Ethical hacking courses are offered in India by various institutions and colleges online as well as offline. The cost of pursuing Ethical hacking in India can be anywhere between INR 2,500 - 5,00,000 in a year. Some of the best cities to learn ethical learning courses include Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Kerala, etc. the sections below give the list of Ethical Hacking Courses in these cities and the institutions offering them.

Ethical Hacking Courses in Delhi

The table below gives the list of ethical hacking courses in Delhi along with the institutions providing them.

Course NameProvidersCourse Fees
Certified Ethical Hacking CEH v11DICC-
Cyber Security & Ethical HackingIICS-
IT Security & Ethical HackingAppin Technology lab, Lakshmi NagarINR 42,000
Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH)Mercury Solutions LtdINR 96,710
Most Advanced Ethical Hacking Certification Course in DelhiDelhi CoursesINR 15,000

Ethical Hacking Courses in Bangalore

Here is a list of Ethical Hacking courses in Bangalore along with their fees and the institutions offering them.

Course NameProvidersCourse Fees
Ethical Hacking Course In BangaloreFITA Academy-
Ethical Hacking Course in Bangalore | CEH V11 Certification TrainingTexialINR 38,000
Ethical Hacking Course in Bangalore360digiTMGINR 29,500
C|EHP (Certified Ethical Hacking Professional) CourseIndian Cyber Security Solutions (ICSS)INR 14,000 + GST
Ethical Hacking Course in BangaloreIntellipaatINR 45,543
Ethical Hacking Course in Bangalore with CertificationAppoinx-

Ethical Hacking Courses in Kolkata

Here is a list of Ethical Hacking Courses in Kolkata along with the institutions offering them and their fees.

Course NameProvidersCourse Fees
C|EHP (Certified Ethical Hacking Professional) CourseIndian Cyber Security Solutions (ICSS)INR 14,000
B.Sc. in Cyber Security (Ethical Hacking) HonsISOEH_
Certified Ethical Hacker - CEH v11INR 34,000 + GST
CHFI v10 - Computer Hacking Forensic InvestigatorINR 38,000 + GT
Diploma in Cyber Security (Ethical Hacking)INR 72,000 - 1,30,000
Ethical Hacking Institute in KolkataGICSEH-

Ethical Hacking Courses in Mumbai

Check out the list of popular Ethical hacking courses in Mumbai along with the institutions offering them and their fees.

Course NameProvidersCourse Fees
C|EHP (Certified Ethical Hacking Professional) CourseIndian Cyber Security Solutions (ICSS)INR 14,000 + GST
Ethical Hacking Course in BangaloreIntellipaatINR 45,543
Ethical Hacking Training in MumbaiIPSolutions-
A-CEH (Ace Certified Ethical Hacker)Ace Aspire TechnologyINR 9,500

Ethical Hacking Courses in Kerala

Listed below in the table are some of the most popular Ethical Hacking Courses in Kerala along with their fees and the institutions offering them.

Course NameProvidersCourse Fees
Certified Ethical HackerRed Team Hacker Academy-
Ethical Hacking Course in KeralaIntellipaatINR 45,543
Ethical Hacking Course in KeralaEducbaINR 6,999
Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) Course in KeralaCMS-
Online Ethical Hacking Course in Kerala – CEH v11Securim SolutionsINR 28,999
Ethical Hacking Foundation Programme (EHFP)Blue Shell Solutions-
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Ethical Hacking Course Syllabus

The syllabus for ethical hacking courses varies depending on the institutions offering them, level, of course, duration, etc. The topics given below are covered in most of the Ethical Hacking Courses.

Ethical Hacking
Information GatheringCyber Ethics
Hacking IntroductionTrojans & Backdoors
Sniffers & keyloggersGoogle Hacking Database
VirusVirus Analysis
Email, DNS, IP spoofingHoneyPots
Social EngineeringSystem Hacking & Security
Website Hacking & Security
SQL InjectionXSS Attacks & Countermeasures
LFI/ RFI Attacks & CountermeasuresVulnerability Research
Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration TestingExploit Writing
Information Disclosure VulnerabilitiesBuffer Overflow & Session Hijacking Attacks
Secure Coding Practices-
Mobile & Wireless Security
SMS Forging & CountermeasuresWireless Hacking & Security
VoIP Hacking & Countermeasures-

Skills required for Ethical Hacking

Programming skills, computer skills, and technical skills in the area of ethical hacking and the related domain are necessary to be a successful ethical hacker. Given below in the table are some of the important skills for Ethical hacking.

Computer SkillsComputer Networking Skills
Linux SkillsProgramming Skills
Basic Hardware KnowledgeReverse Engineering
Cryptography SkillsDatabase Skills
Problem Solving SkillsCommunication Skills
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Scope of Ethical Hacking

The growth of the Technical industry is unlimited and offers huge opportunities. A career in Ethical Hacking is rewarding and with huge career options.

  • Ethical Hacking has its major opportunities and scope in the domain of Cloud Computing.
  • According to recent surveys, it is expected that by 2025, an ethical hacking jobs will increase by 17.5% worldwide.
  • The demand for information security personnel worldwide exceeds 60,000 according to the survey conducted by the International Data Corp.
  • A Graduate degree in computer science and a relevant field with certification in Ethical Hacking can increase the chances of getting a job in top companies.
  • Wipro, Dell, Reliance, Google, Accenture, IBM, Infosys, etc are among the best companies that recruit Ethical hackers.
  • Apart from Ethical hacker, One can apply for job roles such as Information Security Analyst, Security Analyst, Security Consultant, Information Security Manager, Penetration Tester, etc.

Ethical Hacking Jobs

After completing an Ethical Hacking Course, one can become Ethical Hacker, Information Security Analyst, Security Analyst, Security Consultant, Information Security Manager, Penetration Tester, etc. The table below gives the list of Ethical Hacking jobs and their description.

Job ProfilesJob Description
Ethical HackerTheir duties include verifying and improving the security of a computer system of a company. They conduct advanced penetration tests for identifying any breaches/ weaknesses in the security setup of a computer system.
Information Security AnalystsThey are responsible for monitoring an organization's networks and investigating possible security breaches. They use and maintain software, protect sensitive information, and check for vulnerabilities in a computer and network system.
Cyber Security SpecialistsThey are experts in the field of IT security and provide security protection during the development of software systems, networks, and data centers.
Security ConsultantThey work with companies computer networks as well as technological assets. They provide safety and integrity of the data of an organization, store them, and communicate with them
Web Security ManagerThey design, implement and maintain the security measures for supporting the information. Their task includes monitoring the operations, and infrastructure, and keeping an eye on the organization's security
Penetration TesterTheir responsibilities include conducting IT/Cyber Security assessments/penetration tests. They work with customers for determining security assessment needs, and present, explain, and support them. They also provide document findings to help the management and technical staff in mitigating their actions
Information Security SpecialistsThey design audits of computer systems, protect from attack, oversee, monitor routine administration, implement, and maintain policies and standards for information technology-related controls and issues

Salary for Ethical Hacking Jobs in India

An Ethical Hacker can earn anywhere between INR 4,00,000 - 10,00,000 annually. This may even be higher or lower depending on various factors such as experience, job roles, and the companies one is working for.

Job ProfilesAverage Annual Salary
Ethical HackerINR 5,99,040
Information Security AnalystsINR 5,95,704
Cyber Security SpecialistsINR 11,67,046
Security ConsultantINR 6,98,866
Web Security ManagerINR 15,87,210
Penetration TesterINR 6,17,313
Information Security SpecialistsINR 10,40,043

Ethical Hacking Jobs by Government of India

Governments hire skilled ethical hackers with a sound understanding of hacking tools, tactics, and techniques for breaching existing security protocols, etc along with in-depth knowledge of forensic, network security, website security, etc. Government ethical hackers earn more than most private/ corporate ethical hackers. Here are the average salaries offered for various ethical hacking jobs by the Government.

Job RolesAverage Salary
Security AnalystINR 4,89,000
Information Security AnalystINR 5,48,000
Security ConsultantINR 8,72,000
Certified Ethical HackerINR 4,91,000
Penetration TesterINR 5,96,000
ForensicINR 5,53,000
Network Security EngineerINR 5,15,000

Ethical Hacking Courses: FAQs

Ques. Can I learn about Ethical Hacking online?

Ans. Ethical Hacking courses are available online as well as offline. There are plenty of certification courses online that can be pursued by an Ethical Hacking course aspirant. There are ethical hacking degrees at different levels available through correspondence also, which are mentioned above in the article.

Ques. What are possible job positions a candidate is offered after completing Ethical Hacking?

Ans. Network Security Systems Manager, Forensic Computer Investigator, Network Security Administrator, Security Investigator, Computer Security Administrator, and Web Security Manager are some common job positions offered after completing an ethical hacking course.

Ques. What qualifications do you need to pursue the Ethical Hacking course?

Ans. Anyone who has completed a Class 10 can get admission to the ethical hacking certificate courses. But an applicant with an IT program or computer science Diploma or Degree will have a better understanding of the ethical hacking course.

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Ques. Is an Ethical Hacking Course worth it?

Ans. If you're interested in cybersecurity, the CEH certification is a major investment based on the information you'll learn on your own. CEH is also a valuable credential for your professional career, beyond learning technological know-how.

Ques. How much money does an ethical hacker make?

Ans. Graduates after completing Ethical Hacking courses are offered an average starting salary of INR 3,67,249, which goes up to more than INR 15 lakh per year with experience.

Ques. Should I go for an Ethical Hacking weekend course or Formal Education, or should I look for a job in the Ethical Hacking field and learn from the experience?

Ans. The degree course, the certificate, and the job have their purpose. We would suggest that you at least obtain a certification before going directly into the market. Around 90 percent of employers see system certification as a requirement for recruitment. Few online certificate courses allow you to attend one free session.

Ques. What are the various types of Ethical Hacking?

Ans. Hackers are of various types and are named for the hacking method depending on their purpose. Broadly speaking, there are two key hackers – hacker White-Hat and hacker Black-Hat.

Ques. What are red hat hackers?

Ans. They are also classified as hackers with eagle eyes. Red hat hackers seek to stop the black hat hackers like white hat hackers. Red hat hackers will continue actively attacking the hacker so that the hacker will know it needs to uninstall the entire device as well.

Ques. What do hackers need to know?

Ans. There are now several software programs available that make hacking simpler, but if you want to know how it's done, you will probably need basic programming skills. This includes several programming languages including PHP, HTML, JavaScript, etc.

Ques.Is diploma in ethical hacking worth it?

Ans. Yes, a diploma in ethical hacking provides the training and practical experience in ethical hacking. Entry-level professionals who pursue a diploma or certificate in ethical hacking are found to receive higher starting salaries than those who just seek a degree in ethical hacking.

Ques.Is there any diploma course in ethical hacking?

Ans. Yes, there are many online platforms and institutes that offer a diploma course in ethical hacking. For example, diploma in certified ethical hacking (DCEH) is a 1-year diploma course in ethical hacking from

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