Use willing in a sentence (2023)


  • I'm willing to give it a try.



  • People are always willing to believe the worst about others.



  • I am willing to leave it to the majority.



  • He was willing to admit he was wrong, but he wasn't going to grovel.



  • Nearly all of the exhibitors seemed perfectly willing to let me touch the most delicate things, and they were very nice about explaining everything to me.




  • But one of the rulers was not willing to do this.



  • Worse, he had again assumed she was a willing participant.



  • She'd be willing to take a job someplace else.



  • The open source movement and Creative Commons licensing are examples of people willing to share their intellectual labor to help others.



  • It also told me he was willing to make a sacrifice for her protection.




  • I'm not willing to do that.


  • I have every intention of marrying Alex, and I'm ready and willing to face a little competition.


  • So they were all willing to give in for the sake of peace.



  • Well, any mother-in-law who isn't willing to baby-sit her own grandchildren isn't much of a grandmother.



  • His own interactions with deities left him more than willing to shun them, if at all possible.



  • I am not willing to risk the consequences if you're wrong.


  • She had been a willing participant.



  • On to rural America where the pickings are as fertile as the country side and there's always a trusting little soul willing to help a stranger.



  • You weren't willing to do that for me.



  • Not unless he's willing to make a deal with me.



  • Would you be willing to let one of my dealers verify the route exists?


  • As long as she was willing to accept that was the only part of him she'd ever have.


  • Whatever happened to him over the past few days, he was no longer willing to walk away or back down.


  • Even knowing so, she had been willing to yield to him.


  • Nor does he see that a man is conscious not of idea, feeling, will, experience, but of something conceiving, feeling, willing and experiencing, which he gradually learns to call himself, and that he is never conscious of doing all this " minding " without his body.



  • I took my risks when I joined this group and I'm willing to face up to my responsibilities.



  • That's a nice thought, but the rest of us aren't willing to let it stand that way.



  • I volunteer to sleep there tonight, if the love of my life is willing to come along.



  • I mean, if you were willing.



  • She wasn't willing to lose him already, not after all she'd gone through to keep him.


  • Those huge hands had started to explore her body in a way that left her feeling feminine, delicate, and willing to let him take control in a way she never permitted him before.


  • As guilty as she felt, she wasn't willing to make a deal with him to protect the human she'd condemned.


  • She didn't just have the body of a human and the knowledge of the goddess; she wanted to help him enough that she was willing to overcome her fear.


  • She didn't know how he could love her still after all she'd done or why he was willing to try to make things work.



  • Gabriel didn't like past-Deidre and wasn't willing to give her a chance.


  • She really didn't want to leave the comfort of his arms, but remaining meant giving up something she wasn't willing to do.


  • There's nothing else I'm willing to try.


  • She'd proven how willing she was to become his companion, a surprise considering she really did seem fragile in his world.



  • The clinic understands my school hours and they are willing to work around them.


  • Thank good­ness for Colorado hospitality—the friendly room clerk was more than willing to oblige a law enforcement agent.


  • Still, he was willing to give up the idea in exchange for adopting a child.


  • She was willing to change for him – some things, anyway.


  • Alex was willing to assume one of those duties long before they were engaged.


  • She wasn't any more willing to stay in the old house alone than he was to let her.


  • Actually, all she wanted to do was alert him that she was nervous about it, but if it made him feel better to know she was willing to discuss intimacy with him now, then she would listen.


  • Maybe he'd be willing to talk about it tomorrow.


  • I was willing to forgive you, just like you were willing to forgive me.


  • On the other hand, Cromwell could justly boast "there is not a nation in Europe but is very willing to ask a good understanding with you."


  • When a debtor tenders the amount due to his creditor and the creditor refuses to accept, the debt is not discharged, but if the debtor is subsequently sued for the debt and continues willing and ready to pay, and pays the amount tendered into court, he can recover his costs in the action.


  • All we can do in such cases is to place the system under certain conditions of transformation, and be content with the amount of work which it is, as it were, willing to render up under those conditions.


  • But though he declined to share the responsibility of Lord Palmerston's administration, he was willing to act as its representative in promoting freer commercial intercourse between England and France.


  • Napoleon was at the head of a veteran army of Frenchmen, who worshipped their leader and were willing to die for France if necessity demanded.


  • Diners can choose from the a la carte menu, or share a platter with willing friends.


  • So, how much in taxes would you be willing to pay?



  • We could go on here and talk about other military powers and alliances, but the simple fact is that large countries are less willing to risk war in defense of small ones.



  • I should be willing to work night and day if it could only be accomplished.



  • Gabe dropped it and touched his forearm, willing the soul radar to guide him to the right place.

  • From the beginning, you were willing to do what I couldn't, Rhyn said.

  • She shook her head and focused on her phone again, willing Logan to return one of her dozens of calls or texts.

  • The only one who seemed willing to talk to her before being shushed by Daniela was Rhyn.

  • He'd done what little he was willing to do to his own mate to keep her upset.

  • I wanted you to suffer a long, painful death and was willing to do whatever it took to make that a reality.

  • She wasn't willing to consider it, not when there was the issue of her pending demise between here and there.

  • Why then wasn't he willing to admit it?

  • Was she willing to give life a second shot, even if Gabriel wasn't in the picture and she had no more normal friends after Wynn's betrayal?

  • Was that what no one was willing to risk doing?

  • Katie drew the phone away from her head and stared at it, willing herself to wake up.

  • She tensed and waited, willing him to continue.

  • She sensed his movement and closed her eyes, willing her death to be as fast as the robed man's.

  • You think I can't replace you with a willing nymph who knows her place?

  • She placed her wrist to Rhyn's mouth, willing him to awaken, to drink her.

  • Willing herself not to cry, she pointed to her neck and said instead, "Do you know what this means?"

  • Hannah stood close to her, and Katie stared at the door, willing their fire to keep the demons at bay.

  • He didn.t want to agree to Rhyn.s terms, but the side of him willing to take in a creature like Sasha emerged again.

  • The Council wants nothing to do with them and views the presence of your father's betrayer and your people on the planet as a sign the Yirkin are willing to share your planet rather than take it over.

  • Several members, including Qatwal, may be willing to aid you in regaining your planet after you've reached a peace treaty.

  • She awoke six more times willing the nightmare to be over.

  • She searched his gaze and responded with irritation, "If coercion is willing, then yes."

  • That Kiera's warrior was at least willing to do something so painful gave her some hope for her friend.

  • If there is anything we can do to help, we'd certainly be willing.

  • Dean nodded in agreement but Cynthia wasn't willing to give up.

  • I was fearful he might try to stop me, but there are many girls willing to do as I've done, for food and shelter, so I shan't be missed.

  • You're willing to voluntarily speak to us?

  • He possessed the capability to make victims forget, yet when they were willing participants, as most were, he enjoyed knowing they remembered their time with him.

  • Am I willing to give up all we have become to each other?

  • Would you be willing to carve the pumpkins?

  • Wow. Never done that before, but I'm more than willing to learn.

  • At least she was willing to communicate now.

  • For the right man, I'm willing to turn over the running of the farm and become his helpmate.

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  • I want you to come to me all sweet and willing - without dragging Josh along.

  • Was there a chance for them - if she was willing to wait?

  • And he expected her to come to him all sweet and willing.

  • And hadn't she been a willing participant?

  • She was willing to bet the farm on it.

  • If she were willing to take that tumble in the hay, he'd hang around a while longer?

  • I'm willing to wait.

  • Believing in her ability to make a sound judgment and willing to accept her decision.

  • I'm afraid there aren't many people willing to look beyond the obvious in this circumstance.

  • Lana hugged the tree, willing her friend to appear.

  • I'm not willing to consider it.

  • But he couldn't let himself do it, no matter how much he wanted her or how willing she was.

  • She froze, willing the man not to look left, or he'd see her.

  • He bristled at the mention of Rhyn in the same sentence as Andre. One half-brother had been noble, courageous, honorable, willing to sacrifice himself for their cause. Rhyn was the opposite.

  • Kiki left, and Kris felt he'd frustrated the one brother willing to help him.

  • A day later he called again, saying he had driven by the place and was willing to take it, sight unseen.

  • It looks as if the insurance company may be willing to advance some of the life insurance money—at least enough to tide us over for a while.

  • Does that mean if you were willing, he'd refuse?

  • At least he wasn't quite so willing to accept the idea that she had been unfaithful.

  • It hurt to think he questioned her fidelity, but at least he was willing to listen to reason.

  • Even when I said I was willing to forgive you ... for something you didn't do.

  • I know you do, and I love you all the more for the sacrifice you're willing to make.

  • Except you were willing to ask and believe.

  • Maybe there would be more now that Carmen was willing to adopt.

  • She focused on Jonny again, willing him to accept her solution.

  • Even though she wore a snug shirt beneath it, Darian couldn't help willing her to hurry.

  • Sirian knew something others did not if he were willing to risk the Warlord's death to take over the kingdom.

  • The difference between me and them is that I'm willing to take Tiyan without its magic.

  • If only I'd been older, wiser, more willing to listen to him.

  • Memon was more than willing to become its host.

  • Though he knew he should stay and perform his role as warlord, no part of him was willing.

  • He made mistakes, but he was willing to take ownership and responsible enough to take corrective action.

  • Unlike Alex, she had been willing to delegate.

  • No, actually she had been willing to dump it all in his lap.

  • In her eagerness to feed his desire to control, she had been willing to give up the independent spirit he found attractive.

  • Was she, and would she be willing to spend a little time with a stranger?

  • Yet, for whatever reason, she had been willing to endure her fear alone.

  • I am simply curious at what cost you are willing to pursue your goal.

  • He was as strong as she was in that way, willing to sacrifice anyone and anything.

  • Even them, he was able to read, if he was willing to expend the effort needed to do so.

  • Jessi covered her mouth, willing him not to say anything stupid to her delicate cousin.

  • I'm not certain he realizes it yet or is willing to admit to it.

  • Jessi meet Ashley's gaze, willing her cousin not to panic.

  • In the early years of the 'seventies the colonies entered upon an era of wellbeing, and for about twelve years every man, willing to work and capable of exerting himself, readily found employment.

  • If they be willing faithfully to serve it, that satisfies.

  • In 1653 he had made the astonishing proposal to the Dutch that England and Holland should divide the habitable globe outside Europe between them, that all states maintaining the Inquisition should be treated as enemies by both the proposed allies, and that the latter "should send missionaries to all peoples willing to receive them, to inculcate the truth of Jesus Christ and the Holy Gospel."

  • Adultery was punished with the death of both parties by drowning, but if the husband was willing to pardon his wife, the king might intervene to pardon the paramour.

  • Great difficulty was experienced in finding a foreign minister willing to challenge comparison with Visconti-Venosta.

  • On the 24th he seized Mary's willing person near Edinburgh, and carried her to his castle at Dunbar.

  • To the magician, endowed in the opinion of his fellows (and doubtless of himself) with this wonderful power of effective suggestion, the output of such power naturally represents itself as a kind of unconditional willing.

  • In the Spartan general Lysander he found a man who was willing to help him, as Lysander himself hoped to become absolute ruler of Greece by the aid of the Persian prince.

  • In parliament he adhered to his life-long principle of doing only work that needed to be done, and that nobody else seemed equally able or willing to do.

  • He was elected on the 1st of August 1559; but it was difficult to find the requisite four bishops willing and qualified to consecrate him, and not until the 17th of December did Barlow, Scory, Coverdale and Hodgkins perform that ceremony at Lambeth.

  • Among the marks of the second half of the 17th century was growing material prosperity, and there were those who thought their fellows unduly willing to relax church tests of fellowship when good trade was in question.

  • Precosmically the Will is potential and the Reason latent, and the Will is void of reason when it passes from potentiality to actual willing.

  • He was still in office when the final rising of the Cubans began in February 1895, and he had to resign in March because he could not find superior officers in the army willing to help him to put down the turbulent and disgraceful demonstrations of the subalterns of Madrid garrison against newspapers which had given offence to the military.

  • The lower the grade the more elaborate and expensive is the machinery required to clean it, and consequently a spinner is willing to pay a certain amount extra for high grade cotton in order to save expenditure on preparatory machinery.

  • He was willing that the accused should be tried in the courts Christian provided that the punishment of the guilty were left to the lay power.

  • Eugenius IV., however much he may have wished to keep on good terms with the fathers of Basel, was neither able nor willing to accept or observe all their decrees.

  • Peter the Great imposed a poll-tax on all the members of the rural population, making the proprietors responsible for the tax charged on their serfs; and the " free wandering people " who were not willing to enter the army were required to settle on the land either as members of a commune or as serfs of some proprietor.

  • These barons, with the knowledge and approbation of King Henry, were engaged in a plot to assassinate the cardinal, and in this plot Wishart is now proved to have been a willing agent.

  • The friends agreed to visit the Castle twice a week and to look after the sick in any parish where the clergyman was willing to accept their help.

  • The want of railways in Asia Minor was urgently felt, but no capitalists were willing to risk their money in Turkish railways without a substantial guarantee, and a guarantee of the Turkish government alone was not considered substantial enough.

  • So far as the extreme claims of the tsar were concerned, neither Austria nor Prussia was willing to concede them, and both had joined with France and Great Britain in presenting, on the 12th of December 1853, an identical note at St Petersburg, drawn up at the Conference of Vienna, reaffirming the principles of the treaty of 1841.

  • Turkey was willing to concede the fullest local autonomy, but not to abandon its sovereign rights over the island.

  • On his return to Iceland in 985 he called the land Greenland in order to make people more willing to go there, and reported so favourably on its possibilities that he had no difficulty in obtaining followers.

  • He was assisted for three years in his missionary work by St Boniface (719-722), who, however, was not willing to become his successor.

  • Each of the signatory powers is to designate within three months from the ratification of the convention four persons at the most, of recognized competence in international law, enjoying the highest moral consideration, and willing to accept the duties of arbitrators.

  • Provided that the preaching of the gospel was free and full, Luther was willing to tolerate episcopacy and even papacy.

  • He joined Livingston in Paris on the 12th of April, after the negotiations were well under way; and the two ministers, on finding Napoleon willing to dispose of the entire province of Louisiana, decided to exceed their instructions and effect its purchase.

  • Shepstone was willing to find some way other than simple annexation out of the difficulty, but none appeared to present itself.

  • Cyrus appears in the unassailably authentic cylinder inscription "as a complete religious indifferentist, willing to go through any amount of ceremonies to soothe the prejudices of a susceptible population."

  • Londoners were well informed as to what was going on abroad, and although the rulers were always willing to wait for an opportunity of enlarging their liberties, they remained ready to take advantage of such circumstances as might occur.

  • Moreover, many persons, even of foreign race, declared themselves willing to live under the Salic Law.

  • A few successes in battle attracted to him men who were interested in fighting and who were willing to accept his religion as a condition of membership of his party, which soon began to assume a national form.

  • He was, it is true, again elected to the Chamber of Baden by the circle of Thiengen, but the government, no longer willing to respect his immunity as a deputy, refused its ratification.

  • The business of the new system will be to bring back the Intellect into a condition, not of slavery, but of willing ministry to the Feelings.

  • The new incumbent was willing that the Tennysons should continue to live in the rectory, which they did not leave until six years later.

  • He grew less than ever willing to come forward and face the world; his health became "variable and his spirits indifferent."

  • As he recedes from us, however, we begin to see that he has a much closer relation to the great Georgian writers than we used to be willing to admit.

  • He has, indeed, described in graphic terms the greatest of the more superficial changes he underwent; how he had " carried into logical and ethical problems the maxims and postulates of physical knowledge," and had moved within the narrow lines drawn by the philosophical instructions of the class-room " interpreting human phenomena by the analogy of external nature "; how he served in willing captivity " the ` empirical ' and ` necessarian ' mode of thought," even though " shocked " by the dogmatism and acrid humours " of certain distinguished representatives "; 1 and how in a period of " second education " at Berlin, " mainly under the admirable guidance of Professor Trendelenburg," he experienced " a new intellectual birth" which " was essentially the gift of fresh conceptions, the unsealing of hidden openings of self-consciousness, with unmeasured corridors and sacred halls behind; and, once gained, was more or less available throughout the history of philosophy, and lifted the darkness from the pages of Kant and even Hegel."

  • Complete lists of current British periodicals are included in Mitchell's Newspaper Press Directory, Street's Newspaper Directory, and Willing's Press Guide, and a select list and other information are given in the Literary Year Book.

  • Luther, for instance, would not tolerate Zwingli's view on the Lord's Supper, while Zwingli was willing to fraternize with him notwithstanding this difference."

  • The immigrant is worth what it has cost to bring him up only if he is able-bodied, honest and willing to work.

  • Since Eastern theologians would be willing to say " proceeds from the Father through the Son," it is clear that the two views are not irreconcilable.

  • In 1090 Count Roger the Norman (son of Tancred de Hauteville), then master of Sicily, came to Malta with a small retinue; the Arab garrison was unable to offer effective opposition, and the Maltese were willing and able to welcome the Normans as deliverers and to hold the island after the immediate withdrawal of Count Roger.

  • While the latter were struggling with little success against the rising tide of French national feeling, Edward's want of money made him a willing participator in the attack on the wealth and privileges of the Church.

  • The reference is only to be seen by willing eyes.

  • Bethmann Hollweg, Lord Haldane thought, was willing to entertain the British suggestions; it was Tirpitz who behind the scenes offered a most strenuous opposition to any restrictions.

  • The sooty-grey colour that, deepening into blackish-brown on the crown and quills, pervades the whole of its plumage - the lower tailcoverts, which are of a deep chestnut, excepted - renders it a conspicuous object; and though, for some reason or other, far from being a favourite, it is always willing when undisturbed to become intimate with men's abodes.

  • Each prince was " so to live, reign and conduct himself as he would be willing to answer before God and His Imperial Majesty."

  • It is as grateful to those who, like many " Anglo-Catholics," desire on religious grounds to establish the doctrinal continuity of the Anglican Church with that of the ' Only one of the Marian bishops, Kitchin of Llandaff, was found willing to conform.

  • The centre of Lefebvre's followers was Meaux, and they found an ardent adherent in Margaret of Angouleme, the king's sister, but had no energetic leader who was willing to face the danger of disturbances.

  • Heinrich 3 is willing to speak of "fundamental dogmas," those which must be known for salvation; those for which " implicit " faith does not suffice.

  • Veronius is willing to waive the difficult point of church infallibility as the Council of Trent did not define it.

  • If, however, the infant was allowed to survive half an hour only, it was spared; but to have the right of keeping it the mother must find a male Areoi willing to adopt it.

  • In 1747 an Arabic dedication to the electoral prince of Saxony got him the title of professor, but neither the faculty of arts nor that of medicine was willing to admit him among them, and he never delivered a course of lectures.

  • Then, again, as to the scope of the inquiry, the administrative purposes for which information is thus collected vary greatly in the different countries, and the inquiry, too, has to be limited to what the conditions of the locality allow, and the population dealt with is likely to be able and willing to answer.

  • Thus he evidently made " the willing covenant " of conscious faith the essence of the matter, and regarded the sign or seal as secondary.

  • German influence eventually became so great that when the time came, the Committee leaders were willing and able to bring their country into the World War on the side of Germany.

  • Many of the white farmers in this district, unlike their fellows dwelling farther north, were willing to accept British rule, and this fact induced Mr Justice Menzies, one of the judges of Cape Colony then on circuit at Colesberg, to cross the Orange and proclaim (October 1842) the country British territory, a proclamation disallowed by the governor, Sir George Napier, who, nevertheless, maintained that the emigrant farmers were still British subjects.

  • They tried to arrive at it by negotiations with the parties, and by admitting to the Cabinet representatives of every nationality willing to cooperate.

  • In Germany Ultramontanism had to contend with great difficulties; for here ecclesiastical affairs were not in so desperate a case that the most drastic remedies possessed the most powerful attraction; while, in addition, the clergy were too highly educated to be willing to renounce all scientific work.

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  • The nobility, however, were too infatuated to be willing to adopt these wise measures.

  • Thus while willing, even anxious that Prussia should receive Saxony, in order that she might be strong to meet the danger from the East, he was prepared to go to any lengths to resist the claims of Russia.

  • But the first operations of the war brought about the willing or unwilling adhesion of these border states to the Federal cause.

  • He had attacked and subjugated all who were not willing to recognize his authority.

  • His intervention in Scotland in 1 5591560 showed that he could strike on occasion; and his action over the execution of Mary, queen of Scots, proved that he was willing to take responsibility from which Elizabeth shrank.

  • The market price may rise above or fall below the amount so fixed, being determined by the proportion between the quantity brought to market and the demand of those who are willing to pay the natural price.

  • The legal rate should be a very little above the lowest market rate; sober people will then be preferred as borrowers to prodigals and projectors, who at a higher legal rate would have an advantage over them, being alone willing to offer that higher rate.

  • Paul's battle against the law and the narrow national conception of Christianity found a willing following in a movement, the syncretic origin of which directed it towards a universal religion.

  • Rather than scandalize weaker brethren, Paul was willing to eat herbs the rest of his life.

  • The wise man and the ignorant, the enthusiast and the man of the world, could all find acceptance here, and there was laid on no one more than he was able and willing to bear.

  • Eighteenth-century Italy looked on religion with apathetic indifference, and Liguori convinced himself that only the gentlest and most lenient treatment could win back the alienated laity; hence he was always willing to excuse errors on the side of laxity as due to an excess of zeal in winning over penitents.

  • The British government repudiated the claim of right, but were willing to negotiate upon the question of international regulation.

  • Nature does not aim at God as end, but God, thinking and willing ends, produces and acts on nature.

  • He was elected a member of the Reichstag, where he joined the National Liberal party, for like many other exiles he was willing to accept the results of Bismarck's work.

  • The Greeks of that day would have had little respect for a grotesque Egyptian figure, while the Egyptians were more willing to accept divinity in any shape.

  • But he was averse from the violence of Melville, and was willing to admit the royal supremacy "as far as the word of God allows."

  • At this point, having rejected both the Newtonian mechanism of bodily substances and the Leibnitzian automatism of monadic substances, he flew to the Spinozistic unity of substance; except that, according to him, the one substance, God, is not extended at all, and is not merely thinking, but is a thinking, willing and acting spirit.

  • Wundt, however, having supposed that all thinking consists of ideas, next supposes that all thinking is willing.

  • We start, according to him, from a psychological triplicity in consciousness, consisting of sensation, personal will and impersonal reason, which by a priori laws of causality and substance carries us to the ontological triplicity of oneself as ego willing, the non-ego as cause of sensation, and God as the absolute cause beneath these relative causes.

  • The French crown was willing to sacrifice the Jansenists, who disturbed that dead level of uniformity so grateful to autocrats; but Gallicanism touched its very prerogatives, and was a point of honour which could never be abandoned outright.

  • The Tibetan regent, with his enlightened and kindly spirit, is painted by Huc in most attractive colours, and Markham expressed the opinion that the native authorities were then willing to receive strangers, while the jealousy that excluded them was Chinese only.

  • The British government, having need of American foodstuffs for its army in Spain, was willing to benefit by the discontent of the New Englanders.

  • It soon appeared, however, that neither the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel nor the Church Missionary Society was willing to be absorbed; and it was urged by some that in a great comprehensive national Church, comprising persons of widely different views, more zeal was likely to be thrown into voluntary than into official enterprises.

  • The town councils, though most of them willing to receive William in his capacity as stadholder, declined to give a hearing to the commission.

  • William, now supreme in the States, while on land struggling with chequered success against the superior forces of the French, strove by his diplomacy, and not in vain, to gain allies for the republic. The growing power of France caused alarm to her neighbours, and Sweden, Denmark, Spain and the emperor lent a willing ear to the persuasions of the stadholder and were ready to aid his efforts to curb the ambition of Louis.

  • But while it may be admitted that Gregory was inclined to be unduly subservient to the great, so that at times he was willing to shut his eyes to the vices and even the crimes of persons of rank; yet it cannot fairly be denied that his character as a whole was singularly noble and unselfish.

  • Demea, who is willing to give up his abstract proof, brings forward the ordinary theological topic, man's consciousness of his own imperfection, misery and dependent condition.

  • This he could not do, and after his refusal he was not allowed, even before the passing of the Act of Uniformity, to be a curate in Kidderminster, though he was willing to serve that office gratuitously.

  • The nobles of Franconia acted upon the advice of their king, and the Saxons were very willing that their duke should rise to stIll higher honors.

  • They were willing enough to admit the abstract claims of the Empire; but in the world of feudalism there was a multitude of established customs and rights which rudely conflicted with these claims, and in action, remote and abstract considerations gave way before concrete and present realities.

  • Bismarck would not assent to these conditions, and, even if he had been willing to do so, could hardly have overcome the prejudices of the emperor.

  • On the 24th of February 1880 the pope, in a letter to the ex-archbishop of Cologne, said he was willing to allow clerical appointments to be notified if the government withdrew the obnoxious laws.

  • The Conservatives were prepared to vote for it; the Radicals and Centre opposed it; the decision rested with the National Liberals, and they were willing to accept it on condition that the clause was omitted which allowed the state governments to exclude individuals from districts in which the state of siege had been proclaimed.

  • It was to have been expected that, as in 1878, the government would appeal to the country to return a Conservative majority willing to vote for a strong law against the Socialists.

  • On the other hand, there was a large section, the leader of whom was Herr von Voilmar, who maintained that the social revolution would not come suddenly, as Bebel and the older leaders had taught, but that it would beagradual evolution; they were willing to co-operate with the government in remedial measures by which, within the existing social order, the prosperity and freedom of the working classes might be advanced; their position was very strong, as Vollmar had succeeded in extending Socialism even in the Catholic parts of Bavaria.

  • The general feeling of distrust which this prolonged controversy aroused was, however, shown by the almost contemptuous rejection in 1899 of a Bill to protect artisans who were willing to work against intimidation or violence (the Zuchthaus-Vorlage), a vote which was the more significant as it was not so much occasioned by the actual provisions of the bill, but was an expression of the distrust felt for the motives by which the government was moved and the reluctance to place any further powers in their hands.

  • This refusal led to a breach with Peter, and other Egyptian bishops who were willing to grant absolution to those who were willing to do penance for their infidelity.

  • The 16th of June had been fatal to the idea of an independent Bohemia, fatal also to Pan-Slav dreams. To the Czechs the most immediate peril now seemed that from the German parliament, and in the interests of their nationality they were willing to join the Austrian government in the struggle against German liberalism.

  • Two centuries of unchallenged Christianity had broken almost completely the traditions of paganism, even if the Moslems had been willing to consider them, either in their fanciful accounts of the origins of cities, &c., or elsewhere.

  • This, however, seems greatly in excess of probability, and several Egyptogists familiar with excavation are willing to accept Meyers figures on archaeological grounds.

  • Probably they were all sea-rovers from the shores and islands of the Mediterranean, who were willing to leave their ships and join the Libyans in raids on the rich lands of Egypt.

  • The Left was willing to vote 30,000,000 crowns for extraordinary military expenses, exclusive of the fortifications of Copenhagen, on condition that the amount should be raised by a property and income tax; and, as the elections of 1875 had given them a majority of three-fourths in the popular chamber, they spoke with no uncertain voice.

  • It is not however asserted that his mere willing to believe is a proof of the truth of what he wishes to believe, any more than a will to disbelieve justifies disbelief.

  • He had to conduct the delicate negotiations which accompanied her return to Scotland, and though he was a supporter of the reformers on political grounds, he became her personal friend and was always willing to do her service.

  • She had been willing to renounce any aspirations of her own and to sink herself in his glory, but she naturally expected him to recognize her devotion and to value her society beyond all others.

  • At first he was willing to subordinate them to an attempt to win over Scotland to his anti-papal policy, and he made various efforts to bring about an interview with his nephew.

  • This policy was not due to any belief on Henry's part in parliamentary government, but to opportunism, to the circumstance that parliament was willing to do most of the things which Henry desired, while competing authorities, the church and the old nobility, were not.

  • James (1536) was willing enough to meet Henry in England, but his council, especially the clerical members, were opposed to the tryst.

  • In September of that year, the Russian government suggested that the tsar was willing to act as mediator between the two belligerents.

  • The state also makes annual grants directly to owners who are willing to place their plantations under state supervision, for the sale of plants at half price to the poorer peasantry, for making protective or sheltering plantations, and for free transport of marl or loam.

  • Cast iron, brought to perfection by the Coalbrookdale Company about 1860, but now little esteemed, owing to the poverty of design which so often counterfeits smiths' work, presents great opportunities to founders possessing taste or willing to submit to artistic control.

  • He was a vigorous Protestant, though willing to grant Roman Catholics "every degree of toleration short of political power and establishment."

  • Being unable to find a lawyer willing to undertake his case, he pleaded it himself, and won his acquittal by a speech of over six hours, which secured for Nova Scotia the freedom of the press and for himself the reputation of an orator.

  • His great ambition was to recover Peshawar from the Sikhs; and when Captain Alexander Burnes arrived on a mission from Lord Auckland, with the ostensible object of opening trade, the Dost was willing to promise everything, if only he could get Peshawar.

  • For weeks the Calabresi and lazzaroni continued to pillage and massacre, and Ruffo was unable, even if willing, to restrain them.

  • This purchase was protested against by Egypt, Turkey and Great Britain; the last named power being willing to recognize an Italian commercial settlement, but nothing more.

  • Facing the South Common were the homes of Rev. Nathaniel Ward (1578-1652), principal author of the Massachusetts "Body of Liberties" (1641); the first code of laws in New England, and author of The Simple Cobler of Aggawam in America, Willing to help mend his Native Country, lamentably tattered, both in the upper-Leather and the Sole (1647), published under the pseudonym, "Theodore de la Guard," one of the most curious and interesting books of the colonial period; of Richard Saltonstall (1610-1694), who wrote against the life tenure of magistrates, and although himself an Assistant espoused the more liberal principles of the Deputies; and of Ezekiel Cheever (1614-1708), a famous schoolmaster, who had charge of the grammar school in 1650-1660.

  • Yet more; steady willing labour continuously performed will earn a remission of a fourth of the sentence.

  • The Bedouins were willing enough to pray, indeed, but less willing to pay taxes; their defection, as might have been expected, was a political movement.

  • When the latter asked him to renounce his right of succession, he was willing to consent, saying that a quiet life with his beloved wife, the princess Zobaida, was his highest wish, but he obeyed his mother and Yahya b.

  • Finally, Brunnow was empowered to arrange a coalition of the great powers with a view to the settlement of the Egyptian question; and in this coalition the tsar was willing, for political reasons, that France should be included, though he stated his personal preference for her exclusion.

  • Inoculation with Haffkine's prophylactic fluid should be offered to all persons willing to avail themselves of it.

  • The Indians had again attacked the border farmers, and the governor had refused assistance, being willing, it was generally believed, that the border population should suffer while he and his adherents enjoyed a lucrative fur trade with the Indians.

  • On such matters as the compensation in cases of homicide, it is evident that there were no rules, but merely a feeling, created by use and wont, that the relatives of the slain man should be willing to accept payment.

  • Like Machiavelli, but on a lower level, Guicciardini was willing to "roll stones," or to do any dirty work for masters whom, in the depth of his soul, he detested and despised.

  • Over and above those faults, which made him odious to his fellow-citizens, we trace in him a meanness that our century is less willing to condone.

  • They are mainly noticeable as proving that certain coteries in Spain were willing to accept the Italian Renaissance.

  • It is even possible that he might have had a crown, had he been willing to accept it.

  • There is no reason to believe, however, that these attacks represented the feeling of any save a small minority of the politicians; the people never wavered in their devotion to the president, and his election would have been unanimous in 1796, as in 1792 and 1789, had he been willing to serve.

  • The Covenants were not mentioned; at his coronation William had refused to be a persecutor, and he desired that the church should embrace all who were willing to be in it.

  • It is somewhat hard to understand why so little favour was shown by the king to one who had proved himself able and willing to do good service, and who, in spite of his disappointments, still continued zealously to offer advice and assistance.

  • It is probable that Villiers at this time had really a sense of the duties attaching tohisposition4 and was willing to be guided by a man of approved wisdom.

  • An imperial message addressed to the diet of Prague (September 14, 1871) stated that the sovereign " in consideration of the former constitutional position of Bohemia and remembering the power and glory which its crown had given to his ancestors, and the constant fidelity of its population, gladly recognized the rights of the kingdom of Bohemia, and was willing to confirm this assurance by taking the coronation oath."

  • Any dispute as to whether the company are able and willing has to be settled by arbitration.

  • He was willing to continue the service only if the use of the elements should be dropped and the rite made simply an act of spiritual remembrance.

  • Several of the princes were willing to entertain and support him; but for all that he could say, they would not change their ways.

  • In any case, however, it is significant that the Abyssinians have repeatedly been willing to co-operate with the British away from their own country.

  • Although he denies liberty to the will in this sense - indeed, strictly speaking, neither liberty nor necessity, he says, is properly applied to the will, " for the will itself is not an agent that has a will " - he nevertheless insists that the subject willing is a free moral agent, and argues that without the determinate connexion between volition and motive which he asserts and the libertarians deny, moral agency would be impossible.

  • The ultimate explanation of things cannot be given by any theory which excludes from its survey the intelligence in which nature, as it were, gathers herself up. But knowledge, or the mind as knowing, willing, &c., may be looked at in two different ways.

  • On his succession to the of the countship the Hollanders were willing to receive him, House of but the Zeelanders were hostile; and a long struggle Avesnes.

  • But in 1601 he quarrelled with the lord deputy, who, though willing to establish Niall Garve in the lordship of Tyrconnel, would not permit him to enforce his supremacy over Cahir O'Dogherty in Inishowen.

  • In many places they have the monopoly of the wine and spirit shops, and retail trade generally; and as they are always willing to advance money on usury, and are more intelligent and better educated than the ordinary peasant, there is little doubt that in a country where the large landowners are proverbially extravagant, and the peasant proprietors needy, the soil would soon fall into the hands of the Jews were it not for the stringent laws which prevent them from owning land outside the towns.

  • But the darkest period was succeeded by the dawn of a reformation; travelling logicians were willing to maintain these against all the world; whilst here and there ascetics strove to raise themselves above the gods, and hermits earnestly sought for some satisfactory solution of the mysteries of life.

  • The United States was willing at the time to extend the north-western boundary along the forty-ninth parallel from the Lake of the Woods to the Pacific, but to this the British government would not consent; and on the 20th of October 1818 both nations agreed to a convention providing for the "joint occupation" for ten years of the country "on the north-west coast of America, westward of the Stony [Rocky] Mountains."

  • He found his brother, however, willing to pardon and was allowed to return as king to Cyrene.

  • The nation, however much it might murmur, would never have been willing to rebel against a sovereign whose only fault was that he occasionally pressed his prerogative too far, Edwards rule was seldom or never oppressive, the seizure of the merchants wool in 1297 was the only one of his acts which caused really fierce and widespread indignation.

  • For the devices employed against the Scottish schiltrons of pikemen at Dupplin and Halidon, were the same as those which won all the great battles of the Hundred Years Warthe combination of archery, not with cavalry (the old system of Hastings and Falkirk), but with dismounted menat-arms. The nation, meanwhile prosperous, not vexed by overmuch taxation, and proud of its young king, was ready and willing to follow him into any adventure that he might indicate.

  • They were willing to take all the risks and relieve her of all responsibility; they filled her coffers with Spanish gold which they plundered as pirates, knowing that they might be hanged if caught; and they fought Elizabeths enemies in France and in the Netherlands as irregulars, taking their chance of being shot if taken prisoners.

  • Charles was willing to surrender his claims to billet soldiers by force, to order the execution of martial law in time of peace, and to exact forced loans, benevolences, or any kind of taxation, without consent of parliament; but he protested against the demand that he should surrender the right to imprison without showing cause.

  • But he was extravagant and self-indulgent, and he wanted more money than they were willing to supply.

  • Mr Peel, who had been elected to the chair in 1884, decided that neither the speaker nor any other member had the right to intervene to prevent a member from taking the oath if he was willing to take it.

  • The revival of high doctrines of prerogative in the crown was accompanied by a revival of high doctrines of privilege in the House of Commons, and the ministry was so smitten with weakness and confusion as to be unable to resist the current of arbitrary policy, and not many of them were even willing to resist it.

  • Pitt's parliaments were competent to discuss, and willing to pass, all measures for which the average political intelligence of the country was ripe.

  • But the insistence of idealist writers upon the relation of the world of nature to conscious intelligence, and especially to a universal consciousness realizing itself throughout the history of individuals, rendered it alike impossible to deny altogether some influence of environment upon character, and to regard the history of individual willing selves as consisting in isolated and unconnected acts of.

  • Moreover, the belief that the justice of punishment depends upon the responsibility of the criminal for his past offences and the admission of the moral consciousness that his previous wrong-doing was freely chosen carries with it, so it is argued, consequences which the libertarian moralist might be willing to accept with reluctance.

  • Similarly no one since civilization emerged from barbarism has ever really been willing to yield allegiance to a deity who is not moral in the fullest and highest sense of the word.

  • The unreflective moral consciousness never finds it difficult to distinguish between a man's power of willing and all the forces of circumstance, heredity and the like, which combine to form the temptations to which he may yield or bid defiance; and such facts as " remorse " and " penitence " are a continual testimony to man's sense of freedom.

  • It is to be observed that Augustine prefers to use " freedom " not for the power of willing either good or evil, but the power of willing good.

  • The highest freedom, in his view, excludes the possibility of willing evil.

  • Indeed, the acquired tendency to virtuous conduct may become so strong that the habit of willing it may continue, " even when the reward which 3 I should be observed that Austin, after Bentham, more frequently uses the term " moral " to connote what he more distinctly calls " positive morality," the code of rules supported by common opinion in any society.

  • In 1777 he informed the American commissioners that France acknowledged the Republic and was willing to form an offensive and defensive alliance with the new state.

  • A law of 1898 authorizes the government to grant concessions on very favourable terms to foreign capitalists willing to promote mining and manufactures in Servia; but in 1910 the number of large industrial establish ' One yutro is the area which two oxen can plough in a day.

  • These Calvin regarded as matters of indifference, provided the magistrates did not make them of importance, by seeking to enforce them; and he was the more willing to concede them, because he hoped thereby to meet the wishes of the Bernese brethren whose ritual was less simple than that established by Farel at Geneva.

  • The security of the treasury was also so jealously scrutinized that even the price which the tenant might be willing to pay was often disallowed.

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  • Representative of God upon earth, heir to the sovereignty of the Roman emperors, a universal suzerain and master over the goods and the lives of his vassals, he could conceive no other bounds to his authority than his own interests or his obligations towards God, and in this he was a willing believer of Bossuet.

  • In such a critical generation the words of Averroism found willing ears, and pupils who outran their teacher.

  • The Arab, though he produced Mahommedanism, was the least fanatical of the followers of the Prophet, Character of and was not only willing but desirous to leave to all Arab Rule.

  • Mr Balfour, while reluctantly admitting the necessity of Mr Chamberlain's taking a freer hand, expressed his agreement in the desirability of a closer fiscal union with the colonies, but questioned the immediate practicability of any scheme; he was willing to adopt fiscal reform so far as it covered retaliatory duties, but thought that the exclusion of taxation of food from the party programme was in existing circumstances necessary, so long as public opinion was not ripe.

  • He found Napoleon willing to aid Prussia as he had aided Piedmont, and was ready to accept his assistance.

  • The failure of the scheme made a contest with France inevitable, at least unless the Germans were willing to forgo the purpose of completing the work of German unity, and during the next four years the two nations were each preparing for the struggle, and each watching to take the other at a disadvantage.

  • Negotiations were also opened with Bernadotte, who seemed willing to support his cause, but was really playing for his own hand.

  • Necessity for thought, as Kant had been willing to admit and as Hume also held, involves or implies something more than is given in experience - for that which is given is contingent - and rests upon an a priori or pure notion.

  • The former was nicknamed Guastafamiglia, because, although at first willing to let his brother share his power, he rid himself by violence and treachery of other kinsmen who claimed their just rights to a portion of the state.

  • He had little doubt that once they knew, they would be every bit as willing to leave it behind as well.

  • Is being in control so important that you're willing to sacrifice the happiness of your only son - or do you love him enough to let him go?

  • You're so stubborn... neither one of you is willing to give an inch.

  • They all declined, once again, willing to let me carry pail up the hill.

  • Betsy renewed her quest for motherhood with vigor and a more than willing mate happily responded.

  • Yes, I'm willing to admit, my last venture was a foolish mistake.

  • Martha was more than willing to let anyone respond to her daughter's needs while she tried in vain to shake a world class hangover.

  • I told him I was willing to pay, for his inconvenience, to peruse all the entries he'd received.

  • I fiddled with my cell phone, willing it to ring.

  • There were worse fates than being dinner for a sadistic bastard like Talon, and she'd just met the man who was willing to show her what they were.

  • A man willing to beat his daughter won't give a shit about killing a stranger.

  • Her heart felt like it stopped at the mention of Jule's name, and she squeezed her eyes closed, willing herself not to think of him, lest her father choose that moment to read her mind.

  • Those humans who are willing to serve the immortals will be spared, and those who aren't, won't.

  • Unable to quell the panic flying through her, she wasn't willing to test the waters to discover if demons were restricted from harming their mates like Immortals.

  • Whereas Gabriel was willing to give-and-take, Darkyn toyed with her and demanded submission in exchange for controlled pleasure.

  • Right now, no part of her was willing to protect Harmony's soul from Darkyn the way she planned to Past-Death's.

  • He stared at them, as if willing the pen to write on the tablet.

  • No, easy was not something she was willing to accept, even if it meant caving to someone she craved, whose looks drove her crazy and whose touch made her feel more at home than she did in the mortal and Immortal worlds.

  • It was a long shot, but Gabriel was willing to bet that raising the dead-dead Immortal would pay off.

  • She understood Jared's warning about torture and being willing to bargain.

  • If Kris were willing to protect a twisted bastard like Sasha because of a stupid oath, he.d do the same for Katie.

  • He didn't like the politicking that accompanied any Council meeting, but he had to be patient with men who might be willing to help him.

  • I mean, it was the quintessential traveling salesman's dream, a naked and willing woman hopping into his bed, wife in another town, a freebie, so to speak.

  • When he began to retract his fangs, she held his head closer, not willing to break the bond they had waited so long to share.

  • Her thoughts returned to Rhyn, and she recalled how he'd fought the last day they'd been on the Sanctuary. She'd never seen anything like it, a combination of power, agility and fire. He'd been willing to kill his only friend on her behalf, and the memory was both gratifying and sorrowful. He'd done it for her.

  • Katie was quiet, willing the tree roots to be vulnerable to her immunity blood. She hacked at the root again and paused. The area where she'd dripped blood stayed cut while the area around it healed.

  • It looks as if the insurance company may be willing to advance some of the life insurance money—at least enough to tide us over for a while.

  • Thank good­ness for Colorado hospitality—the friendly room clerk was more than willing to oblige a law enforcement agent.

  • Dean was more than willing to accommodate him while he hoped Fred could locate Winston.

  • She was willing to change for him – some things, anyway.

  • She knew she was damned and wasn't willing to condemn anyone else with the creature in her blood.

  • Still, even though he was willing to compromise, he had a right to voice his concerns.

  • You can't rape a willing soul.

  • But he had a soft spot for women anyway and granted what little mercy he was willing to.

  • If Jonny was some sort of freaky vampire and wasn't willing to face Xander to get the necklace, did that mean Xander was some sort of … creature, too?

  • Are you willing to abdicate control in favor of a defined group esthetic?

  • We would appreciate it if anyone would be willing to try and answer some questions.

  • His face countenances the idea that Britain should not be willing to deport people to face torture or death.

  • It was an indignant letter, the main gist of which was "Don't flog the willing horse."

  • We are even willing to defend 'to the death ' the right of others to express views we find abhorrent.

  • Are you really willing, in your land of extortionate inadequate health coverage, to watch women dying from botched backstreet abortions?

  • No, they find a very willing accomplice in us.

  • Basically acoustic sessions from anyone willing who has turned up in time.

  • Such a policy makes finding willing Directors of Studies difficult and naturally leads Colleges to feel less altruistic toward the University.

  • I have made the address available in case anybody is actually willing to buy these shells.

  • People were never willing to discuss details of these quarrels in cold blood afterward - they were always rather ashamed of them.

  • Yet much of the British public have been willing to tolerate just such austerity in the field of healthcare.

  • It seems Jones was willing to risk the inevitable backlash to go faster.

  • So please bare in mind I was more than willing to check my bag in there and then.

  • The seminar will include speakers from companies willing to share their experiences of using biosensors.

  • For the Government, the Auld report offers a far more radical blueprint for change than it is willing to introduce.

  • A relatively small but well established Irish bookmaker willing to price up every horse and race each day.

  • We are delighted to hear from universities, training colleges or other institutions who would be willing to run bookstalls for us.

  • Find a budding amateur cameraman willing to do this for you.

  • It is believed that BMW are willing to discuss a deal with different Chinese carmakers over the sale of the Rover brand name.

  • Pursel was willing to see fragments of DNA -- and even lean pork chops -- but did not care to see the pig.

  • The international community is obviously neither able nor willing to protect Bosnian civilians.

  • To date, there are no cathedral clergy willing to jump.

  • Whether crossing continents, countries, commuting or simply riding for the hell of it, the Tiger is always a willing accomplice.

  • The statement carries a clear corollary the corporation seems willing to accept.

  • Equally disturbing was the fact that people are willing to take to the roads without a valid driving license or seriously defective vehicles.

  • If you consult a dentist, you should ask if they are willing to give NHS treatment.

  • He is faithful and willing, in fact eagerly desirous, to see us go on to the end in victory.

  • Political leaders were therefore willing to attempt to persuade electorates of the merits of their cause.

  • He made many drawings from these willing models, some of which were extremely erotic.

  • In return we are willing to grant brand exclusivity for the life of a contract, based on an agreed business plan.

  • That is what Slobodan Milosevic ' s willing executioners have done to Kosovo.

  • However, the Germans faced an almost fanatical enemy, willing to defend at all costs.

  • Midfielder O'Sullivan found willing striker James, whose right footer whistled past Cole.

  • In a sexual frenzy he carries the now willing woman into the woods where they couple.

  • Secondly, there are a number of potential new funders willing to take a stake in the project.

  • Art thou willing to live godly in Christ Jesus?

  • I'm willing to put money on next year's headliners being Rammstein, Iron Maiden and AC/DC.

  • Your puppy will learn a great deal quicker if you can enlist the help of some willing volunteers.

  • Because he was a willing helper and enjoyed his job, George used to be the odd job man at Nails.

  • People might then be willing to follow a preacher, prophet or king who teaches what normally would have been considered heretical.

  • Gentleman's remarks about being willing to support the industry have a rather hollow ring.

  • This is a self-catering hostel, but with a pub nearby. 'A ' walks guaranteed anyone willing to lead a 'B ' group?

  • I was desperately hungry and thirsty for knowledge and willing to endure anything to get it.

  • These holes become invisible to anyone working on site, even to hole engineers who are always willing to provide more.

  • Although he seems a rather irritable fellow, I am willing to persevere with him for your sake, my dear lady.

  • Jim was an honorable and modest man, a hard wor k er and always willing to help anyone at any time.

  • Was willing to Ku klux Klan you just earn based in antigua.

  • I will email you separately with contact details of an experienced lawyer who should be willing to provide you with free initial legal advice.

  • The only realistic value is the rent, what a willing lessee will pay a willing lessor for a perpetually renewable annual lease.

  • There are very few in the public limelight willing to contradict the implausible notion of a house price plateau.

  • At times there is also the need for people willing to take on the task of caring for orphaned manatees.

  • Is the pastorate willing to consider changing the manse if asked?

  • Hence, there is a case for the spiral maze theory which archeologists are willing to entertain.

  • Willing to pay quizzed the brokers eliminate the middleman.

  • However, not all drug misusers are able or willing to reduce or stop their drug taking.

  • Berber muleteers are willing assistants with setting up camp and various chores.

  • Oh, she was willing enough, just seemed naive, not knowing what was what.

  • We are also willing to strengthen this by entering into bilateral agreements on no-first use or a multilateral negotiations on a global no-first use.

  • Was willing to us how to koller's program uses manager joel newton.

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  • I'm willing to bet no gratuitous nudity either?

  • Luckily I also had a willing nursemaid in house.

  • First, the Queen's mother was a saint, and her funeral allowed a willing nation to pay obeisance to that fact.

  • Passed by voice not obligated to must be willing ab to require.

  • This, I would think, must be very off-putting for a willing helper.

  • Using techniques of stop-motion, duplication and substitution the works extend an invitation to the audience to be willing participants in their fictions.

  • Willing and generous patrons have overcome that, as will be gathered from a preceding note about drainage.

  • Only you can decide how much you are willing to pay to save the planet.

  • His examples will run from bee-keepers and pigeon-fanciers to those anxious and willing to use poison gas, the period weapon of mass destruction.

  • We have no preconceived ideas about the types of cases we're willing to pursue.

  • Partner agencies were also willing to take the advice and expertise NDT provided whilst remaining proactive in the discussion and service planning process.

  • Now they are willing to take a punt on doing the same job in France.

  • Yet he indicates that he is willing to accept repentance from publicans and soldiers, both of whom served the interests of the oppressors.

  • The horse must be willing to ford rivers and cross bridges so it is wise to practice before you set off.

  • Be ready and willing to render such help as they can to secure the safety of other seafarers.

  • The only way to pray without ceasing and to have maximum results in prayer is to be willing to practice self-denial where neccesary.

  • This is an interesting and challenging role and would suit a confident self-starter, willing to work with others and on their own initiative.

  • The current market value will be the price a willing buyer would pay a willing seller.

  • They also believe these policies " prevent willing and healthy members of the community from giving blood and exacerbate the current blood shortage.

  • It was a little hard for our older members to see how easily our youngest soprano found willing partners.

  • Like SBS, COM is losing money and failing to attract a suitor willing to take on the whole division.

  • Would be willing to perform some simple computer tasks.

  • Caitlin and Georgia were very busy with the chocolate tombola too as you can imagine, and Scarlett a willing helper to Guider Coral.

  • Throughout his life in Medina, he was more than willing to conquer any tribe or city that stood in his way.

  • And the reason is spiritual sight is a gift from God given to willing faith, not to static determined ignorant willful unbelief.

  • There's that kind of unbelief that's hard, cold, dead, willing, ignorant unbelief.

  • The coalition of the willing seems to be increasingly unwilling.

  • We need a courageous visionary Government, who are willing to take the lead and set an example.

  • Are they really saying local taxpayers are willing to pay for this money waster for some car drivers to save a couple of minutes.

  • Either have them put down or find an animal rescue center willing to take them in.

  • I am also always willing to expand my own collection.

  • It stated that the firm were quite willing to receive a deputation of the London Trades Council on the matter.

  • Most of the television money was committed to players ' salaries which agents were only too willing to ratchet ever upwards.

  • The range the valid mechanism for seems willing to with the addition.

  • Several Kindred had already entered the fief but all proved willing to acknowledge him as Prince.

  • We remain willing to work with the IASB to place these standards on a principles-based and operable footing.

  • The results indicate that landlords have become more willing to align lease terms with business needs.

  • We cannot be healed of physical infection unless we are willing to let the doctor touch and cleanse the wound.

  • Formerly 2700 retired seamen were boarded within it, and 5000 or 6000 others, called outpensioners, received stipends at various rates out of its funds; but in 1865 an act was passed empowering the Admiralty to grant liberal pensions in lieu of food and lodging to such of the inmates as were willing to quit the hospital, and in 1869 another act was passed making their leaving on these conditions compulsory.

  • The king is a benevolent autocrat, easily accessible to all his subjects, both able and willing to protect the weak against the highest-placed oppressor.

  • He further asserted that God is always willing to bestow his grace on all who seek it, though, at the same time, it is true that he sometimes bestows it without its being sought.

  • He would not formally abolish the suzerainty, but he was willing not to mention it; and though, in substituting new articles for those of the Pretoria Convention he left the preamble untouched, he avoided anything which could commit the Boer delegates to a formal recognition of that fact.

  • The work of prospecting is usually left to adventurous men who are willing to undergo privation and hardship in the hope of large reward though the chances of success are small.

  • Its author was willing to be beholden to any one for leisure; but he would be no man's slave.

  • Of course he finds Shakespeare a very "incorrect" author, although he is willing to allow him considerable praise for his vigour.

  • The Roman Catholics, while maintaining their religion, were willing enough to co-operate with them for this object; and Germany often saw the strange spectacle of princes rallying round the emperor for the defence of the church, and at the same time striking deadly blows at his political influence.

  • He was the first sultan entirely devoid of military virtues and willing to abandon all power to his ministers, provided he were left free to pursue his orgies and debauches.

  • There was strong local feeling, especially in Tirol, but it was local feeling similar to that which formerly existed in the provinces of France; among all classes and parties there was great loyalty both to the ruling house and to the idea of the Austrian state; but while the Liberal party, which was dominant in Lower Austria and Styria, desired to develop the central institutions, there was a strong Conservative and Clerical party which supported local institutions as a protection against the Liberal influence of a centralized parliament and bureaucracy, and the bishops and clergy were willing to gain support in the struggle by alliance with the Federalists.

  • But he was not scrupulous in the means he employed, and he was willing to maintain in power detestable ministers if only they served him efficiently and filled his coffers.

  • For a time Philip was both willing and able to protect his accomplice, but ultimately he appears to have listened to those who, whether truly or falsely, were continually suggesting that Perez had had motives of his own, arising out of his relations with the princess of Eboli, for compassing the assassination of Don John's secretary; be this as it may, from trying to screen Perez the king came to be the secret instigator of those who sought his ruin.

  • They may not, however, commence to construct waterworks within the limits of supply of any water company empowered by act of parliament or provisional order to supply water without giving notice to the company, and not even then so long as the company are able and willing to supply the necessary water.

  • The life of a recluse is held to be the most conducive to that state of sweet serenity at which the more ardent disciples aim; but that of a layman, of a believing householder, is held in high honour; and a believer who does not as yet feel himself able or willing to cast off the ties of home or of business, may yet "enter the paths," and by a life of rectitude and kindness ensure for himself a rebirth under more favourable conditions for his growth in holiness.

  • The first he is willing to accept without further inquiry, though it is an error to suppose, as Kant seems to have supposed, that he regarded mathematical propositions as coming under this head (see HuME); with respect to the second, he finds himself, and confesses that he finds himself, hopelessly at fault.

  • We are sorry for you, but we're not willing.

  • As soon as the countess wakes we'll be off, God willing!

  • Very reassuring to hear there are some people around who are willing to risk their own safety to help others.

  • And above all else, too often people have been willing to make Brussels the scapegoat for problems at home.

  • Only the miners ' and the seafarers ' unions were willing to do so and they could not win on their own.

  • Some departments were willing to release email addresses or to send out emails to students once participation had been agreed.

  • Two willing volunteers with strong feelings have brought the slurry tank into battle.

  • The public is split down the middle on whether it would be willing to pay more tax to spend on public services.

  • Are you Willing to stand up to the plethora of ex chairs?

  • Advice should be sought from the stoma care nurse who will invariably be only too willing to see the patient.

  • You may require a surety agreement from the relative willing to stand as guarantor - point this out to them.

  • In my case I stated the time of purchase of my ticket and would be willing to swear on oath that I paid.

  • Discuss with other employees whether they might be willing to cover the time the employe will be away from work or swop shifts.

  • So transfixed and so in love, she is willing to give up her own life so that his curse can end.

  • I find I have to pause the tape to do several more reps than Tracy the troll doll is willing to do.

  • The results are so easy on the eye that I am almost willing to forgive them their twee little name.

  • There 's that kind of unbelief that 's hard, cold, dead, willing, ignorant unbelief.

  • Students who have learned by a certain method often seem willing to endorse the method in preference to other untried methods.

  • Willing to travel around the outskirts of london or in south wales area.

  • We are also accepting vampires who are willing to kill werewolves.

  • No tests will be applied to any parent or teacher who is willing to accept the ethos of the school.

  • Anything could happen there -- she often told anyone willing to listen.

  • In return you will be working for an ambitious company who are willing to invest in you.

  • Must be willing to participate in all aspects of office operations.

  • We find ourselves in a world system of globalization willing to sacrifice millions of human beings.

  • Those with hubris are often willing to take dangerous risks.

  • There is a plethora of students that are willing to be first in line.

  • The army general was pleased to see many lithe, young men willing to serve in the military.

  • Exercising and following a strict diet instead of eating junk food was a trade-off she was willing to make to get healthy.

  • Coercion is not very ethical because it forces someone to do something they are not typically willing to do.

  • Throw out the business model that you brought to the startup or at least be willing to reassess it and determine if it's viable.

  • Many sellers are also willing to make something custom just for you.

  • How willing does the staff appear to listen to parents' wants and needs for their children?

  • Does the staff let parents' concerns go in one ear and out the other, or are they willing to listen to suggestions for specific children and the center as a whole?

  • For those who are willing to adopt minority infants and special needs infants, the wait may be considerably shorter.

  • If you are willing to adopt an older child or a child with special needs, you may not have to wait longer than the time it takes to process all of the paperwork, which will only be a few months.

  • If your child has progressed past her first party, she may be more willing to join in the celebration.

  • Also, the daycare center should be more than willing to provide good communication to you about your child's daily activities.

  • If you have family and/or friends that are willing to babysit, then you may not have a problem, but what if you don't have any idea where to find someone that you can trust to keep your child?

  • If you belong to a local church, check with the youth group for young people willing to babysit your child.

  • The work hours are potentially long without breaks and caregivers must be willing to fully commit themselves to a long-term arrangement.

  • Are you willing to embrace your child's culture as she grows?

  • Normally, a baby is willing to wean between 9-18 months.

  • It's important to be willing to put your baby's needs in front of your own and respond compassionately to your baby's cries.

  • To find a seamstress willing to sew tiny dresses, ask the employees of a fabric store for recommendations.

  • Sometimes a friend or family member who decorates cakes for fun or profit may be willing to donate her skills for the baby shower cake, and this gift of time and skill should not be taken for granted.

  • Baby shower hostesses would be wise to accept the help of any veteran cake decorator who is willing to do the shower cake and should not try to decorate a cake for the shower without any previous decorating experience.

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    For example, “The children will be walking to school.” You can see how “will be” tells us that this is a future event, and “walking” here indicates a continuous event. Let’s take a look at a few more future progressive tense examples.

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Would you be willing in a sentence? ›

Sentence examples for would you be willing from inspiring English sources. Would you be willing to accept it? Would you be willing to go lighter now? Would you be willing to co-sponsor it?

Is it correct to say being willing? ›

Native English speakers use the phrase often, so you'll hear and see it everywhere. The phrase “be willing to” gets its meaning from the adjective “willing.” The adjective “willing” means to be ready, eager or prepared to do something. Note that being willing to do something is not the same as wanting to do it.

What does I am willing mean? ›

/ˈwɪl·ɪŋ/ not opposed to doing something; ready or eager to do something: If you're willing to fly on Thursday you can get a cheaper ticket.

Can we use willing to? ›

'I'm willing to pay for organic food if it helps the environment'. 'I'm willing to pay for a private tutor if it means I will get a better job'. 'I'm willing to travel in my job even though I don't enjoy it'. 'I'm willing to have the Covid vaccine if it helps protect others'.

How do you say I'm willing? ›

Ways of saying that you are willing to do something - thesaurus
  1. yes. adverb. used when you are agreeing to do something.
  2. all right. interjection. ...
  3. no problem. phrase. ...
  4. I'd love to. phrase. ...
  5. I suppose (so) phrase. ...
  6. with pleasure. phrase. ...
  7. it would be an honour. phrase. ...
  8. no sooner said than done. phrase.

Does willing mean wanting? ›

Willing is used to describe someone who does something fairly enthusiastically and because they want to do it rather than because they are forced to do it.

What is a word for willing to help? ›

Definitions of altruistic. adjective. showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others. synonyms: selfless unselfish.

Is it correct to say God willing? ›

used to say you hope everything happens in the way you want: We'll be there tomorrow, God willing!

What does willing mean in a person? ›

: inclined or favorably disposed in mind : ready. willing and eager to help. : prompt to act or respond.

Is willing the same as want? ›

Wanting is a good start. Willing is being ready to do something. To put effort into it. And to take a risk that things may go wrong or that they will not be as succesful as you hoped for.

What type of word is willing? ›

WILLING (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is a willing? ›

/ˈwɪl·ɪŋ/ not opposed to doing something; ready or eager to do something: If you're willing to fly on Thursday you can get a cheaper ticket.

What is the meaning of willing to work? ›

noun. consent or readiness to do something:The majority of the neighborhood's older residents were employed, and younger people showed a willingness to work but often could not find jobs.

What does all willing mean? ›

adj. 1 favourably disposed or inclined; ready. 2 cheerfully or eagerly compliant. 3 done, given, accepted, etc., freely or voluntarily.

How do you say I am willing to work with you? ›

01“I'm happy to be a part of this team, and I eagerly anticipate your insights and input to help get me up to speed.” This formal response to being put into a team for the first time is good to use when you're working with older or more experienced colleagues. It shows respect.

What is another word for willing to accept? ›

A person who is willing to listen to and accept new ideas is receptive. Receptive is slightly more formal than tolerant, and usually implies that a person will accept an idea and agree with it.

What is a word for willing to please? ›

Some common synonyms of obliging are amiable, complaisant, and good-natured. While all these words mean "having the desire or disposition to please," obliging stresses a friendly readiness to be helpful.

What does it mean to show willing? ›

idiom. British. : to show that one is willing and eager to do what is needed. I got in to work extra early to show willing and impress my boss.

What is strong willing? ›

adjective. : very determined to do something even if other people say it should not be done.

What word means willing to work hard? ›

conscientious. adjective. working hard and careful to do things well.

What is a synonym for willing to talk? ›

Some common synonyms of talkative are garrulous, loquacious, and voluble. While all these words mean "given to talk or talking," talkative may imply a readiness to engage in talk or a disposition to enjoy conversation.

What is a synonym for very much willing? ›

agreeable. adjectivewilling to be in unison, assent. acquiescent. amenable. approving.

How do you use God willing in a sentence? ›

idiom. We'll be able to move into our new house next week, God willing. God willing, I'll finish my degree this year.

What does always willing mean? ›

having or showing the ability to respond without delay or hesitation she's always lent a willing hand whenever a neighbor needed help or a friend a favor. Synonyms & Similar Words.

Why do people say Lord willing? ›

God willing is a phrase that could mean: "If the Lord wills", an expression found in James 4 in the Christian Bible. Deo volente, Latin phrase signed at the end of a letter wishing for the safe arrival of the letter. Insha'Allah, Arabic phrase used when referring to future events.

Will you be willing or would you be willing? ›

In the technical sense "will be" indicates something that will take place in the future To say "I will be willing" indicates you are not willing yet, but that will change and then you "will be willing" To say "I would be willing" indicates (in the general sense) that you are willing right now.

Would willingness sentences examples? ›

David doesn't want to talk to me – he won't answer the phone. My car won't start – I'll have to take the bus. When speaking about the past, we can use would to express that someone was generally willing to do things: Tom was a really kind person; he'd (he would) always help anyone in any situation.

What can I say instead of willing? ›

Some common synonyms of willing are deliberate, intentional, and voluntary.

Is willing the same as wanting? ›

Wanting is a good start. Willing is being ready to do something. To put effort into it. And to take a risk that things may go wrong or that they will not be as succesful as you hoped for.

What is the act of willing? ›

Definitions of willing. the act of making a choice. synonyms: volition. types: intention. an act of intending; a volition that you intend to carry out.

Would 5 sentences examples? ›

If he lost his job he would have no money.
Although there is always a main verb, sometimes it is understood (not stated) as in:
  • I'd like to stay. | I wish you would. (would stay)
  • Do you think he'd come? | I'm sure he would. (would come)
  • Who would help us? | John would. (would help us)

Will be willing means? ›

be willing (to do something)

to be happy to do something if it is needed: If you're willing to fly at night, you can get a much cheaper ticket.

What does willing someone mean? ›

: inclined or favorably disposed in mind : ready. willing and eager to help. : prompt to act or respond.

What is good willing? ›

good·​will ˌgu̇d-ˈwil. : a kindly feeling of approval and support : benevolent interest or concern. people of goodwill. b(1) : the favor or advantage that a business has acquired especially through its brands and its good reputation.

Can I say God willing? ›

used to say you hope everything happens in the way you want: We'll be there tomorrow, God willing!

How do you say more than willing? ›

synonyms for more willing
  1. active.
  2. amenable.
  3. eager.
  4. inclined.
  5. pleased.
  6. prepared.
  7. prone.
  8. responsible.

What does I am not willing to mean? ›

not willing; reluctant; loath; averse: an unwilling partner in the crime. opposed; offering resistance; stubborn or obstinate; refractory: an unwilling captive.


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